Thursday, 26 August 2010

Shame - What can Robbie and Gary teach you about forgiveness?

Wow - haven't Robbie and Gary come a long way since the break up of Take That. The roller coaster their lives have taken them on through very good times and not so good times and now here they are back together, singing a song called "Shame". What can they teach you about forgiveness!

Is it about time you let go of some wrongdoings that have happened to you? Is about time that you forgive someone for causing you pain and upset? This may feel hard to do, espeically if you have been holding on to these feelings for a long time.

Forgiveness is one of the best things you can give yourself. You can free yourself of bitterness and holding grudges. Imagine how light you will feel? Forgiveness of others can be especially hard when it is someone close to you, that you love or care about that has hurt you. Dwelling on what someone has done can cause you great pain, anger and sadness. If you let these feelings take hold of you they can result in you becoming more and more negative and leave you feeling less positive about life and can lead to depression and anxiety.

By embracing forgivness and moving on you may reap health benefits such as a lower blood pressure, decreased stress and tension in your body and mind, release of symptoms associated with depression, anxiety and pain, a decreased dependency on alcohol or other substances.

Remember forgiveness doesn't mean that you have said it's ok that the other person hurt you or that you have forgotten what happened. Forgiveness is about allowing yourself to move forward in a positive way, making sense of what has happened and ultimately freeing yourself from the pain that you incurred when the individual hurt you. By holding on to pain and hurt, you choose to constantly relive that negative experience, causing yourself more pain and anguish.

You have a choice! You can keep reliving the negative moments in your life OR move forward with your life and BE PRESENT in the here and now!

Watch the Robbie and Gary video. Look how unhappy they look at the beginning and the sense of openness and love that grows as they move through their emotions and "let go" of the resentment!!

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